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The full form of JSS is Jainatva Suraksha Sangh i.e. the organization which protects and conserves Jain sacraments, rites and values. JSS Team works for the conservation of Indian and Jain culture along with values and rituals. The inception of Jainatva Suraksha Sangh took place on 06.09.2016 at Pali, Rajasthan and today it has branches and co-branches throughout India.
This team has about more than 36,001 active members countrywide and 36 zones across India.


The prime reason (goal) of establishing JSS team.

Indian culture and its values are constantly diminishing due to the blind race of modernity. Some of the fundamental rites. values and culture have disappeared and some more are on the verge of being vanished. JSS team has come into existence for the revival and conservation of them. This team has prepared several projects for the same.

How to advance the thoughts of JSS team?

Do impart your invaluable support by joining this chain of conservation and protection of Indian culture and values and also move this chain further ahead.

Projects of JSS team

How to save water and how to re-use it, how to save electricity, how to minimize the use of plastic polythene carry bags and disposable items, in weddings and other ceremonial functions how to get the entire vessels cleaned by using wooden sawdust instead of water, how to motivate and encourage the guests for not wasting food and other eatables (i. e. the food leftover uneaten) at wedding parties and instead of leaving the food uneaten, we feed the needy and animals etc. with the same remaining food.
How to sow the seeds of good etiquette and values in children’s tender mind and initiate it into their behavior. How to do virtuous deeds and how to avoid sinful deeds. By living a life of simplicity, how to awaken the spirit of compassion, benevolence and humanity. To respect our reverend elders and family members. How to install good and auspicious thoughts and emotions in the posterity (offsprings) while they are in the womb. These and many such projects are being worked on by JSS team.
The goal of JSS team is to carry and deliver our ancient values and culture through various activities, which have become a prey to deterioration now-a-days, to every door step through these projects.

How to become an active member of JSS team?

You can also become an active member of this chain, which concentrates on conservation of Indian culture and its values, by adding at least 11 members (from anywhere in the country) and sending their details through a list to the head office..

What will happen if you become an active member of JSS team?

You will be added to JSS main zone active member. There are 6 main zones active groups those are as follows

  • Rajasthan Main zone
  • Gujarat Main zone
  • Maharashtra Main zone
  • North Main zone
  • South Main zone
  • अन्य भारत Main zone

Want to Join?

Message your name with city on this mobile number
+91- 8905-920-429.

Total number of 42 motivational projects are being worked on for the conservation of values and sacraments.

Where is JSS team's Head Office situated?

It is situated at Jodhpur in Rajasthan. It has other branch in Mumbai, Surat. Ahmedabad, Chattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Delhi, Bangalore and Chennai.

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