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projects are planned in such a way that it could easily be practiced keeping today's lifestyle.


Our Vision is To save Values & Morals above various caste, religion and race.

Wellcome to Jainatva Suraksha Sangh

JSS was formed on 06-09-2016 at Pali, Rajasthan and currently has branches and sub-branches pan India. The full form of JSS Team is Jainatva Suraksha Sangh Founded by CA Lokesh Parakh.

Why JSS Team was formed ?

In the blind run of today's modern world, our precious core Indian values and morals are getting reduced. Some have already got vanished and some are on the verge of coming to an end. Hence forth JSS Team was formed to save these precious Indian values and morals. JSS Team has already launched various projects for the same.


Jss Team have almost 27,080 Members and have 30 Zones

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